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My project imagined the Afro-Japanese interaction in the future by sharing makeup looks: popular makeup style among black women and Princess Tiana inspired makeup.

I believe the first step of Afro-Japanese interaction is to feel familiar with its culture. While Korean and Chinese makeup and cosmetics are…

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As the current situation of Afro-Japanese encounters, Japanese people seldom meet African people within daily life. Thus, when most Japanese people think of African people, they associate them with celebrities on television, such as athletes and musicians. Unfortunately, however, there are some Japanese people who get scared…

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In the interaction between each group of people, the exchange of culture is one of the most valued elements. Culture is what describes the group of people and the history of the group. Within the culture, the food is on the top. ‘The…

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In this creative project, I illustrated the future of Afro-Japanese interactions by combing Japanese food and using famous African food, couscous and harissa which are from North Africa and Tunisia.

First, what is my vision of Afro-Japanese futurism? It is the mixture of Afro-Japanese…

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I chose to make my own musical piece for my final assignment of literature and society. This written assignment will give an insight into the project, and why the project imagines the future of Afro-Japanese relations.

The main reason the project reflects the future of Afro-Japanese relations…

Warren Stanislaus

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